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The second edition is available on Kindle and as a paperback from Amazon.  Learn more at www.northwestpassage.co.uk

Press Release - second edition textbook spans curriculum 2022

Anian Staits by Van Fox Lloyd, cleverly brings to life real maritime adventures and brave life or death decisions of rival tall ship captains as they search for a trade route from Great Britain through the unforgiving, unknown and perilous Arctic. Importantly, this work contains a screenwriting project of particular value to those studying or creating film.

HISTORY The sea journals penned in the 17th century were printed by order of the Crown before the English civil war.  Primary source investigative non copy-write literature written decades later by Miller Christy, is freely available to teachers and students through the historical archive.

GEOGRAPHY Anian Straits’ first edition (published by lulu.com in 2018) contains rare and original maps of Arctic exploration, discovered and drawn separately by each sea captain, which are still of considerable relevance and interest today.

LINGUISTICS The original and accurate log book texts, published in 1632, include multiple technical navigation references and are written in an old-fashioned style quite difficult to comprehend and appreciate.  These journals have been deftly translated to our modern vernacular by the author, Van Fox Lloyd, to provide accessible, easy and enjoyable reading of great, but hitherto ignored and forgotten, historical diaries.

ENGLISH LITERATURE/ROMANTIC POETS Until now, the influence of these library held diaries on our famous romantic poets has been overlooked, indeed denied. Endorsed by research from Ivor James, here is breakthrough enlightenment on the background reading that inspired an extremely well-known and much loved classic, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Coleridge.