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Van Fox Lloyd is retired and graduated with an English Honours Degree in 2002. She lives in a quiet village near Bristol and began this, her first published work, a decade ago. ANIAN STRAITS contains a variety of important illustrations, including rare maps and, for those who know of the lost Captain Franklin, here he models as the original Luke Fox since there is no actual illustration! Van has translated the original and rather challenging 17th century text into modern vocabulary and comprehension and she is the first to uncover genuine links to the renowned romantic poets. Character of Captain Luke Fox Captain Luke Fox is married and in the prime of his life. An ambitious Yorkshire man, he has tremendous energy, perseverance and personal ability. Strongly religious and quaintly humorous, he is a competent and experienced seaman. His much criticised journal contains remarkable naturalist observation and his map of the Arctic region is thought important.

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MARKETING & tall ship info

Along the lines of Master and Commander, the tall ship logs in Anian straits could be a great movie enacted onboard the safe setting of ancient galleons

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ANIAN STRAITS TREATMENT BY ACCESS MEDIA LOGLINE A boat crew member who has gone on several voyages with his former Captain thinks he has all the required experience to lead his ship on a voyage. He got the opportunity to captain His Majesty’s ship, The Charles on a voyage North West. SUMMARY Luke Fox, a young man who had once accompanied John Knight on trips on the sea and has sailed the Mediterranean, Spain, France, Holland, Norway, Denmark and the Baltic Sea good experience in the use of globes and other mathematical instruments, becomes ambitious and desirous to man a ship to his name and lead a voyage. He consulted Mr. John Tappe, he was introduced to Mr. Tho Sterne, a globe maker who made and acquainted him with maps and manuscripts. Following the advice of a friend and famous mathematician, Mr. Henry Brigges. Through his connection with Hon. Knight Sir John Brooke to be of service to the King and the public good. This, however, resulted in requesting His Majesty the loan of a ship for the voyage and endorsement of the action, both being graciously accepted and granted by the Majesty. But due to the time of the year it was, they could not set out that year and be asked to wait until the following year. During the wait, Mr. Brigges died and as it is that no agreement between the living and the dead can hold, the partnership between Luke Fox and Mr. Brigges comes to an end. One Captain Thomas James having similar intentions to go on a voyage North West Sea passage had earlier written a letter to Mr. Brigges with the knowledge of Luke Fox before the death of Mr. Brigges. He however petitioned with the desire that seeing we (He and Luke Fox) were both to go forth in one year, he might be considered superior and go first but alas, he was denied. His Majesty sent for his voyage expert friend, Sir John Wolstenholme, and appointed these two to expedite the enterprise. He commanded also Trinity House to assist them and the younger Sir John Wolstenholme be appointed Treasurer. Luke Fox has used the Majesty ship and the ship was fully stocked with food for 18 months. The Majesty’s ship The Charles sets out with eight (8) paragraphs of Orders and Articles for Civil Government. The Charles took off North West and to deliver a letter to the king of Japan three (3) days after Captain Thomas James’ Henrietta Maria set out which is Thursday 28 April 1631. Going on the mission as planned, the ship is faced with so a lot of difficulties as the period which they set out to sail is a period known as when the waters are iced up and further pressing on them could damage the ship. However, The Charles suffered some minor damages which the crew could easily attend to. Apart from the natural setback which the ship suffered, the ship also suffered disparity among the members of the hold. Master that is supposed to be assisting the Captain at different times decides to remain in his cabin and when he steps out, he tries to give instructions different from the one(s) passed out by the Captain. Due to the weather in which they sailing, most members of the hold fell sick. Captain Luke Fox who is so determined to succeed and set a record for himself for sailing through North West passage with his hands tied has no option than to turn back the ship back home because if he continues on the voyage, he may suffer the loss of some of the members of the hold. The ship returned home having spent seven (7) months sailing. On getting home, none of the crew was lost. They all recover from the sickness. On the other hand, Captain Thomas James started his voyage to the South Sea passage three (3) before Captain Luke Fox set out for his. Before setting out, he hosted a party for some merchants on his ship and invited Rev. Tom Palmer to deliver a sermon on brotherly love. However, his voyage suffered similar fortune as Luke's because of the weather condition. Some of his crew members also fell sick. It is however believed that the record of the voyage kept by Tom James was grossly exaggerated. CHARACTERS LUKE FOX Captain Luke Fox born on 20 October 1586 and hails from Hull. A young man with ambitions way higher than his present capacity. While growing up, he had sometimes accompanied known Captains like John Knight and he has sailed across the Mediterranean, Spain, France, Holland, Norway, Denmark, and the Baltic Sea. He thought himself ready to Captain a ship and through connection with Mr. John Tappe, he was introduced to Mr. Tho, a globe maker who made and acquainted him with maps and manuscripts. He eventually got the opportunity to Captain His Majesty’s ship, The Charles, North West, and also deliver a letter to the King of Japan. The Charles which he captains is filled with more than enough necessities but couldn’t get someone with liking experience to be a member of his crew. Luke Fox is an excellent and all-round observer who always try to learn from the errors of his predecessors. He tried his best to contain any form of a mutiny that may want to surface on his ship. He is a person who believes so much in God and at different points in the log prayed to God to enable him to sail successfully and also have a healthy crew throughout the voyage. His decision at times comes in conflict with Master but he always overlooks things just for peace to reign on the ship. Deep down within him, he hates Master and regrets him being on such an important voyage with him. However, months into the voyage, most members of the hold being sick including the Master, he had no other option than to turn back the ship which was what he had in mind set out in April, but the voyage he recorded has none of his colleagues in his time outdoing what he did, not even Captain Tom James. Getting home and several appeals, he was not paid his salary. Luke remained unpaid, neglected, and in resulting poverty, despite King Charles having settled accounts. He later died in 1635. He was buried on 20 July 1635 just five days after he died. TOM JAMES Captain Thomas James mostly called Tom James in the novel was born in 1593. He is Luke Fox's sworn rival who stood against everything Luke did and castigated his voyage to the North West. His voyage to discover the passage to the South Sea, with the ship Henrietta Maria, in the same year as Luke Fox started three (3) before Luke’s. It could however be said that Tom made an exaggeration of dangers he encountered during his voyage. However, neither he nor Luke on their different voyages for Arctic discovery made it beyond Hudson’s Bay and Strait. While on the voyage, Henrietta Maria and The Charles meet and they stop to exchange pleasantries with each other. Being ill in early 1635, Tom James retired from service. Tom died in the same year Luke died, 1635, less than three years after his return. Both death were within weeks of one another that summer. MASTER He is chosen to be on Luke Fox’s ship through the voyage and assist him in controlling the ship, but on the contrary, Master is described as a lazy, timid, greedy, and obstinate man who strove to hinder and annoy the captain rather than promote the success of the expedition. Instead of assisting Fox, he subjects himself to the confined of his room and just comes out to eat. Master is at the same time brave and mischievous. The book has it where he killed several birds which they ate as meat in the ship and how he killed the bear that a combination of some of the men of the ship could not kill. From the bear which he killed, the ship realized 12 gallons of oil but he recorded just 6 gallons. He also made a lot of erroneous records in his journal. Master is also rebellious and if not for the self-control which Luke Fox has, there would have arisen mutiny on the ship. He at times together with Urin, his mate instigate the members of the hold to go against the instructions passed down by Fox, the Captain of the ship. To Fox, Master is the most unpleasant fellow that ever kissed His Majesty’s hand. THEMES The novel is richly written and showcases more reflection of leadership and competence, faith and reference to God, and reference to constituted authority (His Majesty). STRUCTURAL ARRANGEMENT ACT ONE SUMMARY Like every human being, Luke Fox is desirous of doing greater things than he had done before. He already had records to his name from his sail on the different sea but he desires to do more and even be the leader of the ship and set out on a different voyage. ⮚ Following the advice of a friend and famous mathematician, Mr. Henry Brigges and they made it a venture agreement. ⮚ Luke consulted Mr. John Tappe, he was introduced to Mr. Tho Sterne, a globe maker who made and acquainted him with maps and manuscripts. ⮚ Luke through his acquaintance with Hon. Knight Sir John to be of service to the king and public good. ⮚ His and friend and partner died which nullifies the agreement between both of them as to the voyage. ⮚ Opposition rose against him in the person of Captain Tom James who desires that his voyage should first be considered before Luke’s. ⮚ Luke eventually got the opportunity to sail out using His Majesty’s ship. ⮚ The ship is fully loaded with the necessary stuff and personalities that will be needed through the voyage except for a person with liking experience from whom Luke could draw wisdom. ACT TWO The determined individual to break and set a record for himself is on the way to setting the record with his crew members. He maintains a regular time to talk to God when the opportunity comes for him to do so. Master who is might be an assistant to him in the voyage decides to be on a frolic of his own and give little or no regard to how Luke sails the ship. ⮚ The ship took off three (3) days after Captain Tom James took off. ⮚ The ship encounters some natural effects like wild wind blowing tempestuously against the ship. ⮚ Most of the water is iced up which prevents an easy passage for the ship and even caused some minor damages to the ship. ⮚ Masters decide to most subject himself to his cabin and not assist Luke with the sailing responsibility. ⮚ Luke severally prays to God to help make the voyage a success and regrets sailing with a lazy entity like Master. ⮚ Master instead of being fully accountable for the happenings on the ship, he chose to be mischievous. ⮚ Master gave instructions contradictory to Captain Luke’s instruction. Captain Luke instructed that they contain to sail less he fears they suffer some damages if the ship is left without sailing. Master on the contrary gave instructions that the members of the ship must come to dine. This annoyed Luke Fox but in other to avoid mutiny on his ship, he accepted what the Master said. ⮚ Master also helps to kill birds and bear which members of the ship boiled and fried and even realize some quantity of oil from. ⮚ Most members of the crew fell sick and the determined Captain Fox with his hands tied has no other option than to turn back to ship and sail back home. ⮚ After seven (7) months of sailing on the sea, The Charles returned home. After several questions of while he returned so early, he made them realize that although he wishes to have completed the voyage if he had continued on the voyage, the ship would have suffered the loss of some members of the ship and their lives are important to him than the voyage. ⮚ On the other hand, Captain Tom James made his voyage to the South Sea passage. ⮚ Before setting out, he decided to host a party for the merchant in his ship and the invited priest id to preach about brotherly love and how to spread Christianity. ⮚ His ship also suffers similar happenings that Captain Luke’s ship suffered because of the weather condition. ACT THREE Captain Luke Fox is back home and he suffers some inhuman behavior. ⮚ Luke wrote several letters to the Majesty for his salary but he was constantly rejected. ⮚ Luke not being paid his salary resulted in him living in penury. ⮚ King Charles having settled accounts with John Wolstenholme five years previously. His son who was the Treasurer to Luke’s expedition and apart from the ill-feeling between him and Luke, had been made unfairly bankrupt due to being a Papist which prevented the payment of Luke’s salary. ⮚ His work was first published on 15 December 1634 and reissued on February 4, 1635. ⮚ Luke died on 5 July 1635. ⮚ Captain Tom James also died in 1635 in the same summer as Luke Fox.


Tall ship Captains Luke Fox from Hull and Tom James, a former Lord Mayor of Bristol, departed England on pioneering voyages of discovery in 1632. These brave men were first to explore the Arctic in search of the North West Passage trade route through the mythical Anian Straits, named so by Marco Polo. Their fascinating journals were published together in 1894 by the Hakluyt Society in two volumes, with comprehensive research by Miller Christy. These original ship logs translated to modern vocabulary by Van Fox Lloyd, provide a rare insight into the perils and adventure and injury of early maritime exploration and navigation around the magnetic pole in a dangerous and unfamiliar ocean. These are thought to be inspiration for Samuel Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner. If you have any questions you can contact Vanessa at or mobile 07505442144

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